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Good Neighbors are the best!

We probably all heard of the Golden Rule or a variation of it and it really is golden! When it comes to being a good neighbor, be the type of person that you’d like to live next door to, or above or below! Living in an apartment building is unique in that your neighbors really are right next to you. There is no lawn as a buffer. That means that, if you want to be a good neighbor, it’s important to be mindful of others’ comfort. In addition to a smile or friendly greeting when passing in the hallway, there are a few other tips to help you be a valued part of your apartment community.

  • Keep the noise level down so that you can enjoy your television or music but you aren’t forcing your neighbors to listen also.
  • Help keep common areas neat and tidy. If you spill something in the hall, please clean it up. Trash should go to the correct receptacles and not be left outside your door until you “get around to it.”
  • If you are having a party, please give your immediate neighbors some warning and try to keep the fun from interfering with others' comfort. While you might work from 8 - 5, you may have neighbors who work overnight and are trying to sleep during the day.
  • Most of all, be trustworthy and respectful. It’s so easy and insures that you will be respected and trusted in return.